Supereasy way to refresh your website

Edit PHP, HTML and CSS files!
  • enable your clients to edit their content
  • no software to install or programming required
  • define editable regions
  • set-up in few minutes

Start Editing Now

Sitelovin' is free, hosted, easy to use general website editor which is very easy to setup on any web page.

Three easy steps to make any website editable

  • Define editable regions
    Add "editable" class name to blocks or elements which you want to make editable. Sitelovin' automatically detects images, titles and blocks. You can force plain text editor by adding additional "plaintext" class.
  • Add web site to Sitelovin'
    Enter FTP connection details to your website's server into Sitelovin'. Select editable pages and hooray you can start editing them.
  • Add users
    Enter names and emails of users which you want enable to edit content of the web site.

    It's fast and easy…
Preview of Sitelovin' integration into HTML page.

…edit texts, titles, images and more…

Embrace the unknown

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